Warri North Towns And Villages

The Local Government Area of Warri North is in the Nigerian state of Delta. The town of Koko is where it is based. At the 2006 census, there were 137,300 people living there. It has an area of 1,841 km2. The area has a postal code of 332.

The main office of Warri North LGA is in Koko, a cosmopolitan town with a sea port. The old house of Nana Olomu of Itsekiri stands out in the town.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Warri Local Government, Delta State, Nigeria:

1 Koko

• Abegborode

• Ajamogha

• Arunologbo

• Bresibi

• Koko

• Nana

• Young-Town

2 Bennin River

• Ayogboro

• Batere

• Deghele

• Dudu-Town

• Eghoro

• Gbokoda

• Jakpa

• Kolokolo

• Ogheye

• Oke

• Oru-Megege

• Tebu

• Tisun

• Ugbege

3 Egbeoma

• Aleima

• Bear-Town

• Brohimi

• Odububa

• Ogbinbirin

• Ogbudugbodu

• Okoromado

• Opuama

4 Ugbo-Rodo

• Aja-Eded

• Madogho

• Ogidigben

• Ubaoke

• Ugbegugun

• Ugborodo

The Itsekiris and Ijaw occupy the riverine LGA. People fish, carve boats, weave nets, hunt, dye garments, trade, and cultivate. The Ogheye floating market is there as well. The local government is rich in crude oil and houses Chevron and NNPC.