Suleja Towns And Villages

Suleja is a city in Nigeria’s Niger State. It has a population of 260,240 (2016) and is just north of Abuja, which is the capital of the Suleja Emirate.

People sometimes mix it up with Abuja, which is close by and used to be called Abuja before the Nigerian government took the name from the then-Emir Sulayman Barau in 1976 for the new federal capital.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Suleja Local Government, Niger State, Nigeria:

Suleja District

  •             Apia
  •             Buru
  •             Burum
  •             Bwoi
  •             Chimbi
  •             Chizako
  •             Dachine
  •             Dwakoro
  •             Gauraka
  •             Gupena
  •             Gusun
  •             Ibo
  •             Ikume
  •             Jigbodo
  •             Kopu
  •             Kuchin Pwele
  •             Kutudibi
  •             Kwalada
  •             Kwamba
  •             Kwankashe
  •             Lafu
  •             Madalla
  •             Madugu
  •             Maje
  •             Muran
  •             Nabulic
  •             Numewa
  •             Padawa
  •             Rafin Kaffi
  •             Shingere
  •             Suleja
  •             Tunga Gwuntu
  •             Yagun
  •             Yaldna
  •             Zahehna

It was formed in the early 19th century by Mohammed Makau, the last Hausa emir of Zaria, and his followers who were evading the Fulani jihadists who were engaged in the invasion of northern Nigeria at the time. Zaria, also known as Zazzau, was one of the Hausa city-states in Northern Nigeria that were being taken over by Fulani jihadists led by their charismatic Sheik, Usman bin Fodio. Zaria was also known by its Hausa name, Zaria.

The Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre, which was created by Michael Cardew in 1950, may be found at this location.

Dr. Ladi Kwali, whose works are shown all over the world, is considered to be the most influential potter associated with this school.