Sapele Towns And Villages

Sapele is a town and one of Delta State, Nigeria’s Local Government Area.

The estimated population of Sapele, Nigeria, in 1991 was 123,000. It is a port in the Niger delta.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Sapele Local Government, Delta State, Nigeria:

1 Sapele Rural/Amukpa

• Adegbarassa

• Ajakimonu

• Ajamikawa

• Amukpe

• Amuogodo

• Aruowon

• Atamua

• Ebada

• Egbeku

• Egborode

• Emuaegbedi

• Gana

• Ikwewu

• Ogorode

• Okirigwre

• Okuovwori

• Oton

• Sapele

2 Ugborhen

• Ekeresan

• Okopkooro

• Okuodede

• Okuovu

• Ugbokurusu

• Ugborhen

3 Elume

• Amuokpokpo

• Elume

• Igbimidaka

• Inabome

• Jakpa

• Ogiedi

• Okuoke

• Olan

• Onoghro

• Oyohe

Sapele is the hub of the timber industry in Nigeria. It is home to several sawmills as well as a huge plywood and veneer plant. Rubber is also processed there, in addition to the production of plastics, chemicals, and footwear. Sapele’s significance as a port increased after the British established a vice consulate in the city in 1892; the following year, in 1894, it fell under British authority and acted as the administrative hub for the surrounding area.

The residents of Okpe say that the name is derived from the Okpe word “Uriapele,” which was called after a local god. The temple to this deity can still be located in the middle of the city. The Okpe people think that the name was anglicised from its original form.

Officials from the British colonial government decided to give the then-small settlement the name Sapele.

People from Okpe and Itseki currently reside in Sapele. i.