Rimin Gado

Rimin Gado Towns And Villages

Rimin Gado (sometimes spelled Rafin Gado) is a Local Government Area in the Nigerian state of Kano. Its headquarters are located in Rimin Gado, approximately 20 kilometres west of the state capital of Kano.

As of the 2006 census, it had a land area of 225 km2 and a population of 104,790.

The area’s postal code is 701.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Rimin Gado Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria:

  • Butubutu
  • D/Gulu
  • Dan Isa
  • Gulu
  • Indabo
  • Janguza
  • Jili
  • Juli
  • Karofi Yashi
  • Maigari
  • Rimin Gado
  • Rinji
  • Sakaratsa
  • Tamawa
  • Tuji
  • Ungwan Rimi
  • Wangara
  • Yalwa
  • Yan Kuni
  • Yango

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