Isi-Uzo Towns And Villages

Isi Uzo is an Enugu State Local Government Area in Nigeria that borders Benue and Ebonyi States. Its headquarters are located in Ikem. Other towns include Eha Amufu (home of the Federal College of Education), Neke, Mbu, and Umualor. Isi-Uzo is a member of the Enugu East Senatorial Zone. According to the 2006 census, it has an area of 877 km2 and a population of 148,415 people.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Isi-Uzo Local Government, Enugu State, Nigeria:

Ikem District

  1. Abbia
  2. Amu-Aram
  3. Amudam
  4. Iken-Nkwo
  5. Odomogwo
  6. Ogor
  7. Umu-Aja

Eha-Amufu District

  1. Abor
  2. Agu-Amede
  3. Amede
  4. Ape-Mgbuji
  5. Ihanyi
  6. Isu
  7. Mgbuji
  8. Orokoro
  9. Umuhu
  10. Umujoovu

Umuero District

  1. Aliyi
  2. Umu-Idiji
  3. Umuenyi-Ogodo
  4. Umueze-Boko
  5. Umueze-Ogbu

Mbu Amon District

  1. Mbu-Agu-Udene
  2. Mbu-Ajona
  3. Mbu-Akpoti
  4. Mbu-Akpuoga
  5. Mbu-Amon
  6. Oka-Egbera
  7. Ugwuoke-None

Neke District

  1. Akpani
  2. Isienu
  3. Neke
  4. Obegu-Aba
  5. Umuegwu
  6. Umugwu

Some residents practise Traditional religion, although most are Christians. Ikem, Neke, and Eha Amufu adore Odo. They make form Nsukka’s Igbo-Odo subculture with Ohodo, Ukehe, and Aku. The Odo masquerade portrays a deity who allows the living to connect with their dead in accordance with Igbo reincarnation beliefs. Dr Ralph Ede Okwor writes in Ikem Diaspora that “the Odo masquerade is usually and praisingly addressed as ‘Odomangala’, ‘a spirit of pride’, or ‘a spirit that instils pride in the people it protects’, indicating that as long as it (Odo) exists, people will always feel proud, happy, and confident of their security.” Young adults are inducted into the Odo’s masquerade cult every two years. Uninitiated aren’t allowed out at night while Odo are unclothed. Christians and traditionalists sometimes misunderstand these customs.