Irele Towns And Villages

Ode-Irele (Irele) is a town in the Nigerian state of Ondo, West Africa. This location serves as the administrative centre for the Irele Local Government Area. Ode-Irele is located 10 kilometres (6 miles) west of Okitipupa via road.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Irele Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria:

Odeirele District

  1.             Aduga
  2.             Akingboye
  3.             Gbeleju Lodan
  4.             Gbogi
  5.             Igboke
  6.             Irelejare
  7.             Iyara I
  8.             Kidimu
  9.             Labale
  10.             Legbongbon
  11.             Leunrun Luhoho Oke
  12.             Likaran
  13.             Lipano
  14.             Lokaka
  15.             Lomeye
  16.             Lutako
  17.             Omififun
  18.             Ori-Ale Oyo
  19.             Otuloya
  20.             Ruwahe

Igbinsin District

  1.             Abraham Camp
  2.             Ago Taiye
  3.             Ago Unolo
  4.             Apene/ Bopbotu
  5.             Dugbolu
  6.             Ebute Oko
  7.             Gbejoko Camo
  8.             Igbinsin Oke
  9.             Ikale Camp
  10.             Kanne
  11.             Odo Igbisin
  12.             Ojo Camp
  13.             Osopan

Ajagba District

  1.             Ajagba
  2.             Ayadi
  3.             Logbosere
  4.             Onitorotoro

Omi District

  1.             Abiola Camp
  2.             Agoraya
  3.             Akinboyewa Camp
  4.             Akinmoye Camp
  5.             Apozere Camp
  6.             Chief Luperik
  7.             Chief Memogho
  8.             Chief Oredo
  9.             Chief Wogbo
  10.             Igo- Ome
  11.             Iyana
  12.             Iyasan
  13.             James Upogo
  14.             Lisha Camp
  15.             Lot Camp
  16.             Obaterun
  17.             Obireri
  18.             Obondogo
  19.             Odogbo
  20.             Ogunkalu Camp
  21.             Ojomo Camp
  22.             Seja

Akotogbo District

  1.             Abusoro
  2.             Ajijoh
  3.             Akotogbo
  4.             Barogbo
  5.             Iju-Osun
  6.             Kenumu
  7.             Naino
  8.             Reuben
  9.             Yopiara

Ode-Irele is ruled by the Olofun, a king (HRM Olarewaju Lebi). In Ode-Irele Kingdom, he is the highest authority. By all standards, he is a King of the first order. The Oyenusi family is the ruling family in his country. In Irele, there are really three dynastic families at the helm. The Orunbemekun, Jagboju, and Oyenusi families are the three ruling dynasties in Yoruba society.

The inner sanctuary of the Molokun (the local deity) temple in Ode-Irele was broken into by a gang of young guys on April 15th, 2015. It appears that they set out to do so as a means to acquire various spiritual artefacts. Twenty local teenagers later perished from methanol intoxication after consuming a locally made beverage comprising botanicals nobody could identify. Chief Moses Enimade, monarch of Ode-Irele, attributes the fatalities to the sacrilege.