Ikare Towns And Villages

In Nigeria’s Ondo State, the city of Ikare is located in the northern senatorial district.

Ikare, also known as Ikare-Akoko, is a city in Ondo State that is situated in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is in the Northern Senatorial District.

Ikare is located around 100 kilometres away from Akure, the capital of Ondo State. The city served as the administrative centre for the former Akoko Division, which included the cities of Oka-Akoko, Isua-Akoko, and Okeagbe-Akoko, among others. According to the current system of local government that is in use in Nigeria, the city serves as the administrative centre for the Akoko North-East Local Government at the present time. Coffee, cocoa, and kolanut producers use the city as a trade centre for their products.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Ikare Local Government, Ekiti State, Nigeria:

Ikere – Ekiti (Rural) District

  1. Aba Arokun
  2. Aba Ayede
  3. Aba Igbira
  4. Agamo
  5. Ugbo-Iyan
  6. Ugbo-Oje
  7. Ugbo-Uro

Agama District

  1. Aba Akyejo
  2. Aba Ayewa
  3. Aso-Osolo
  4. Atoka
  5. Oke Aso
  6. Okejegbende
  7. Oniroba

Two kings rule Ikare. Ikare-Owa-Ale Akoko’s Adefemi and Saliu Momoh Akadiri Olukare of Ikare-Akoko

Ikare-oldest Akoko’s traditions are represented in Osele market. Oja Oba is located opposite Ikare akoko garage and old first Bank. The city is in the Yoruba cultural zone and has a large Christian, Jehovah Witness, and Muslim population. The city’s architecture is Portuguese and Arabic. [Bibliography] In the 16th century, Portugal began exporting slaves from the region. Islamic culture spread throughout the Sahara in the 19th century, bringing Arabic influences.   Over 700,000 in 2006

Ikare has been using electricity since the year 1966.

Ikare is a commercial city in Ondo state with various industrial bases and markets, including Osele Market, Okore Market, Oja Owa, Oja Oba, Jubilee Market, Oja Kajola Oja Kowode, and more in neighbouring villages. It’s a great place for private transport businesses.

Ikare, a Yoruba-majority city in Ondo State, is also a hub for Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, and Ijaw. Since time immemorial, the city’s kind residents have welcomed travellers and vacationers.