Igueben Towns And Villages

Igueben is a local government area of Edo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are at Igueben, a 150-square-mile town with 69,639 residents. Its postal code is 310.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Igueben Local Government, Edo State, Nigeria:


  •             Eguare
  •             Idumesan
  •             Idumu-Ikhialen
  •             Idumu-Ikhinlen
  •             Idumuadocha
  •             Idumuneduegbe
  •             Ikekogbe
  •             Oduwebho
  •             Okaigben


  •             Amahor Waterside
  •             Eguare
  •             Idumodin
  •             Obodeko


  •             Eguare
  •             Idumeko
  •             Idumesa
  •             Idumeshebe
  •             Idumodin
  •             Idumogun
  •             Idumuoigue
  •             Ijeduma
  •             Ikekogbe
  •             Ikpedu
  •             Isiliakor
  •             Ogbe
  •             Olenokhua

Nigeria’s Igueben was founded in 1516. The region was formerly part of Benin. In 1515 and 1516, Benin and Igala were at war. Dr. Christopher Okojie says the community grew around a wartime camp.
Onogies dominate the village. HRM Ehizogie Eluojerior I is Onogie.

Their dialect combines Edo and Esan. Pidgin English is a blend of Portuguese, English, and Esan. Igueben has a state-run college and numerous English speakers.

Igueben has many towns. Eguare, Oyomo, Afuda, Idumeka, Idumonka, Uhe, Egbiki, Ekekhen Idigun, Idumogbo, Idumedo, Idumotutu, Idumogo.

Igueben General Hospital, Igueben Grammar School, Igueben College, Igueben Mixed Secondary School, Igueben College of Education, Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, Uda Community Bank PLC, elementary schools, two big marketplaces, and a Local Government Council Secretariat are key facilities. Igueben’s jungle covers 22 hectares.

Igueben is a rural community. Northern Nigeria buys local goods. They sell yam, cassava (garri), banana, and plantain, among other savannah foods. They buy beans, onions, groundnuts, and potatoes. Palm, rubber, and wood are exported.

Ukpe Festival features masquerades, traditional dances, family entertainment, and visitors. The Onogie’s New Year Festival – Ihuan offers a comparable opportunity to connect with local traditions. Onogie’s castle and rainforest adventures might be tourist attractions. These opportunities remain.

Igueben has the College of Education, Wisdom Group of School, and Eguare Primary School.