Ibokun Towns And Villages

Ibokun (also IIemure, Ilu Obokun, Ilu’bokun) is a town in Osun State, Nigeria. The elevation is 416 metres above sea level. Ibokun is the administrative centre of Obokun. The area’s postal code is 233.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Ibokun Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria:

Ibokun District

  1.             Aba Owode
  2.             Amele
  3.             Apalara
  4.             Ibokun
  5.             Ipetu Ile
  6.             Itiya
  7.             Matawin
  8.             Okegun
  9.             Olobe
  10.             Saloro
  11.             Sawe

Ilahun / Ikinyinwa District

  1.             Gbogidigbo
  2.             Ikinyinwa
  3.             Ilahun
  4.             Odo-Opa

Ilase / Idominasi District

  1.             Ajegunle
  2.             Alafon
  3.             Coker
  4.             Idoka
  5.             Idominasi
  6.             llase
  7.             llowa
  8.             lponda
  9.             lregun
  10.             Oke Osun
  11.             Oke-Oro
  12.             Olorunda
  13.             Oniyere
  14.             Oota
  15.             Owasanmi

Otan – Ile District

  1.             Otan-lle

Ilare District

  1.             Afolabi
  2.             Ajioku
  3.             Egigun
  4.             Eriro
  5.             lgun
  6.             llare

Esa Odo District

  1. Esa Odo

Eesun/Ido-Oko District

  1.             Atanra
  2.             Eesun
  3.             Ere
  4.             igogo
  5.             lbala
  6.             ldi-Oko
  7.             ljana
  8.             ljaregbe
  9.             Oke-Opa

Imesi-Ile District

  1.             lmesi-Ile

Esa-Oke District

  1.             Esa-Oke
  2.             Farm-Settlement
  3.             Ido Ayegunle

Ibokun (formerly Ilemure) was called after the warrior who saved the town from Ilare’s monarch, Alare. Obokun migrated from If as Oduduwa’s youngest son. He offered to get seawater to treat his blind father, Obokun, in Yoruba. A seawater collector.

On his return, he learned his father had died and demanded his fortune. His older brothers inherited everything, he was informed. Instead, he was handed the sword Ida Ajase and ordered to obtain his inheritance from his older brothers.

On one of his conquest excursions, he visited Ilemure, now Ibokun, where he encountered Ita. Obokun was welcomed and asked the host to continue the celebration with drums and dancing, which was against the regulations of Ibokun by the neighbour “super master.”

The host danced following Obokun’s instructions, which led to Obokun’s victories. Ita Adeforitikun later persuaded Obokun to settle in Ilemure and offered him a location to build a home.

Obokun (Ajibogun) accepted the offer, and Ita handed him one of the three customary crowns he brought from Ile-Ife. Ita handed his first son Agaba-Ogo one of the two remaining crowns and sent him to Mesi-Oloja (now Imesi-ile) to become their monarch. His second son Ooyelagbo replaced him as the ruler of Ilemure (abbreviated as Ooyela).

People who called it ‘Ilu Eni to bu Okun’ following Ita’s demise altered its name to Ibokun. Ilu Obokun became Ilu’bokun, then Ibokun. Obokun banished his only son, Olabusuke Obarabara Olokun-Esin, since he didn’t trust the people. Olabusuke became king of Ilesa and Ijesaland.

Adelowo Ajangbodorigi-Efon was appointed by Obokun when he grew elderly to preside over the region Ita gave him. The heirs and successors of Adelowo subsequently became Ogboni of Ibokun or ‘Ba’bokun.

Ibokun farmers grew yam, cassava, maize, rice, cocoa, kola nut, etc. Their main focus is business, and they trade largely in Nigeria’s west and north.