Gbonyin Towns And Villages

Aiyekire (or Gbonyin) is a Nigerian LGA.

Gbonyin Local Government was constituted out of Ekiti East Local Government on October 1, 1996, with High Chief Zacheaus Adebowale Ofi as the pioneer chairman.

The postal code of the area is 370.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Gbonyin Local Government, Ekiti State, Nigeria:

Egbe-Ekiti District

  1. Adadiri/Loye
  2. Adekaye
  3. Agbonkoji
  4. Agunbi Aka
  5. Baba Egbe
  6. Dan Site Settlement
  7. Igbegede

Agbado-EKiti District

  1. Agbingbin Camp
  2. Ipole-Agbado
  3. Omuo Camp

Aisegbe Ekiti District

  1. Aba Anifowose
  2. Aba Ikare
  3. Aburumoku Camp
  4. Aguda Camp
  5. Bolorunduru
  6. Edemo Camp
  7. Ikare Olorunda
  8. Iro-Ayeteju
  9. Oka Camp
  10. Olokemeji Camp
  11. Sanni 1
  12. Sanni 11

Ijan Ekiti District

  1. Ilupeju Ijan
  2. Oyan/Ologboo Camp

Iluomuba-Ekiti District

  1. Aduloju Camp
  2. Asereo/Ariala
  3. Asota Camp
  4. Ayetoro/Adebayo
  5. Bolorunduro Camp
  6. Igbira Okoroko
  7. Isakunmi Camp
  8. Jubril Camp
  9. Kosoo Lare
  10. Odilowo
  11. Oke Ede/Oluke
  12. Oshogbo Farm Sett
  13. Owode Imesi
  14. Sabere/Ita
  15. Sedu Camp

Gbonyin Local Government (formally titled Ayekire under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) was founded with Ode Ekiti as its headquarters on October 1, 1996.

The Local Government is populated by Yoruba speakers from Nigeria’s South West Zone. Mainly Christian and Muslim, with few Traditionalists.

Local government consists of 8 cities and settlements. All towns have traditional leaders (Obas).