Enugu South Towns And Villages

The Enugu South LGA is located in Nigeria’s Enugu State. It serves the areas of Akwuke, Amechi, Ugwuaji, Obeagu, Awkunanaw, and Amechi-Uwani from its headquarters in Uwani, located on Nnobi Street in Enugu. The local government areas of Enugu North and Nkanu East form the northern and eastern boundaries, respectively, of Enugu South. The area is part of Enugu’s Eastern senatorial districts.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Enugu South Local Government, Enugu State, Nigeria:

Ugwuaji District

  1. Amuzam
  2. Isiagu
  3. Ndiaga
  4. Ochufu
  5. Onuba
  6. Ugboba-Ani
  7. Umunnaji Ngene
  8. Umunnaugwu

Amechi District

  1. Amagu
  2. Awkunanaw
  3. Isiagu
  4. Iside
  5. Ndiaga
  6. Ndiagbana
  7. Ndiugbo
  8. Sata
  9. Ugwuafa
  10. Ugwuagba
  11. Umuedeachi
  12. Umunugwu
  13. Umuogo

Akuke District

  1. Amagu
  2. Atagwu
  3. Okwu/Obeahu
  4. Umuanigu Ugwu
  5. Umuatogbo-Owa

Obeagu District

  1. Amagu
  2. Amauzam
  3. Ngine
  4. Nkpofia
  5. Obinagu
  6. Obodou Vulu
  7. Uzamagu
  8. Uzamdun

The 2016 population prediction puts the population at 267,300, up from the 2006 count of 198,723. Igbo and English are the two most commonly spoken languages in Enugu South, where the majority of the people is of Igbo descent.

The local zip code is 400.