Enugu North Towns And Villages

Enugu North is a Local Government Area within the Nigerian state of Enugu. Its offices are located on Opkara Avenue in Enugu, Nigeria.

Amaigbo Lane, Onutoto, Umunevo, and Ihenwuzi are the four principal district areas that comprise the LGA. Enugu North is one of the seventeen local governments in the state of Enugu and one of the three local government areas (LGAs) that comprise Enugu Town, together with Enugu East and Enugu South.

According to the 2006 census, it has a total area of 106 km2 and a population of 244,852.

The area’s postal code is 400.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Enugu North Local Government, Enugu State, Nigeria:

Nguli District

  1. Amaigbo
  2. Ihenwuzi
  3. Onueto
  4. Umunevo

Enugu North LGA has 106 square kilometres of area, 244,852 people, and a 27-degree average temperature. The LGA has two seasons: dry and wet, with a brief harmattan in the dry season.

Enugu North LGA’s economy includes hotels, banks, amusement centres, and eateries. There are also shops, retail malls (including Polo Park Mall, currently home to ShopRite), and marketplaces (including the Artisan Market).