Anambra West

Anambra West Towns And Villages

Anambra West is a Local Government Area in the northwestern part of Anambra State, Nigeria. Nzam serves both as the capital and the administrative centre of the nation.

Omambala is the name of an Igbo subgroup that includes the people who live in Anambra West.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Anambra West Local Government, Anambra State, Nigeria:

  • Mmiata Anam
  • Umuoba-Abegbu Anam
  • Umuenwelum Anam
  • Owelle
  • Oroma-Etiti
  • Umueze Anam
  • Umudora Anam
  • Umuikwu Anam
  • Onono Umuikwu Anam
  • Ukwalla
  • Inoma-Akator
  • Nzam
  • Igbedor
  • Igbokenyi
  • Odekpe
  • Allah/Onugwa
  • Iyiora Anam

Mmiata Anam, Owelle, Umuikwu, Umudora, Nzam, Odekpe, Allah/Onugwa, and Igbedor are only few of the places in Anambra West that have substantial amounts of undeveloped natural gas and oil deposits.

Anambra West is recognised as having the largest oil reserves in Nigeria. Anambra West is known as the breadbasket of the state of Anambra, yet up to this day, most of the communities in this region lack any kind of modern social amenities.

In the past, residents of these towns had to travel to nearby streams, springs, and rivers to get water for drinking.

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    It’s really sad what these poor people have to go through May God help them.

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