Akoko South-East Towns And Villages

Nigeria’s Ondo State contains the Local Government Area of Akoko South-East.
It has its headquarters in Isua (Akoko).
Akoko South-East is one of six Local Government Areas that make up Ondo State’s Northern Senatorial District.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Akoko South-East Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria:

Akunnu/Isowopo District

  1.             Akunnu
  2.             Auga
  3.             Iboropa
  4.             Ikakumo
  5.             Ise

Oka-Akoko District

  1.             Alegunle
  2.             Iwaro
  3.             Oka-Akoko

Epimi -Akoko District

  1.             Epinmi-Akoko

Isua Akoko District

  1.             Isua-Akoko

Ipe Akoko District

  1.             Ipe-Akoko

Akungba Akoko District

  1.             Akunagba -Akoko
  2.             Etroro

Sosan Akoko District

  1.             Sosan-Akoko

Ifira Akoko District

  1.             Ayegunle
  2.             Ikun-Akoko

Oba Akoko District

  1.             Ago Ajayi
  2.             Ago Ojo
  3.             Ago Oka
  4.             Ose-Oba

Supare Akoko District

  1.             Abulenla
  2.             Ago Flower
  3.             Ago-Orikuta
  4.             Igboegun
  5.             Igbonla

The terrain consists of both grassland and lowland woodland. Annual precipitation ranges from 8cm to 150cm (3.14in to 59.05in), while the average temperature is between 28 and 35 °C (82 and 95 °F).

Isua Oke and Isua Ile are the divisions of the area.
Isua’s origins may be traced to the old Benin Empire.
Based on the 2006 census, the population was 82,426.

Only members of the royal Odovia family can be crowned as king in Isua.

The royal residence is located in Isua Oke.