Udung Uko Towns And Villages

Udung-Uko is a Nigerian Local Government Area in the south-east of Akwa Ibom State that was established in December 1996.

Udung Uko is one of the local government areas of Akwa Ibom State where the Oro language is spoken. It is bordered by Mbo, Akwa Ibom to the south, Oron, Akwa Ibom to the north, Urue-Offong/Oruko to the west, and the Cross River Estuary to the east.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Udung-Uko Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria:

Okpo Clan District

  1. Enino
  2. Eyiba
  3. Eyo Ating Osung
  4. Eyo Esin
  5. Eyo Esio Usung
  6. Eyo Uliong
  7. Eyo-Ating
  8. Eyobiosio
  9. Eyofin
  10. Eyoko
  11. Eyokponung
  12. Eyokpu
  13. Eyosio-Osung
  14. Eyotai
  15. Udng Otok
  16. Udung Adatang

Mbodung Clan District

  1. Ekim
  2. Ubodung

Afaha Okpo Clan District

  1. Edikor Eyiba
  2. Edikor Eyobiosio
  3. Edikor Eyokpu
  4. Eniongo
  5. Eye Oko
  6. Eyo Atai
  7. Eyo Atang
  8. Eyo Ating-Osung
  9. Eyo Ebieme
  10. Eyo Esio Osung
  11. Eyo Nsek
  12. Eyo Okponung
  13. Eyo Ukpe
  14. Eyo Uliong
  15. Eyo Ulung
  16. Eyo Uwe
  17. Eyobisung
  18. Eyofin
  19. Uboro Isong Inyang
  20. Udung Adatang
  21. Udung Esio
  22. Udung Uko
  23. Usung

Ubodung District

  1. Ekim

Udung Uko LGA was created from Oron in December 1996. Esuk Usung was the Nigerian Army’s entrance point during the 1967-1970 Biafra War.

53,060 agricultural rural residents on 112 km2 (excluding territorial waters).

Udung Uko is in the tropics and is always hot. The dry season is October to April, while the wet season is May to September. Two main winds deliver significant rains: south-west onshore winds and north-east trade winds across the Sahara Desert.

Udung Uko LGA has large crude oil and salt reserves and several oil mining companies. Udung Uko LGA’s rivers and streams are rich in seafood, hence fishing is important. Udung Uko LGA residents also cultivate, make boats, and carve wood.

It features a beach market at Esuk Usung where fisherman from Ilaje, Cameroon, Ghana, and indigenes show their products for sale, as well as other water ways and fronts such Esuk Okong, Esuk Edet Edem, and Atakibang where fine sand and gravels are harvested. Atakibang faces the Oron river lighthouse and Parrot island (Uko Ubo Akpa).