Okobo Towns And Villages

Okobo is a Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State and is situated in the south-eastern portion of Nigeria. In 1989, after the federal government’s local government formation exercise, Okobo Local Government Area was established out of Oron, Akwa Ibom.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Okobo Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria:

Eta District

  1. Afaha Nsung
  2. Akanawana
  3. Amamong
  4. Anua Okopedi
  5. Ape Amamong
  6. Atai Amamong
  7. Atai Atai Otope
  8. Atipa Odobo
  9. Atipa Okopedi
  10. Ebighi Eta
  11. Ekpene Ekim Eta
  12. Ibawa
  13. Mbieduo
  14. Nsating
  15. Nung Atai Eta
  16. Nung Udom Odobo
  17. Obufi

Odu District

  1. Akiba Obo
  2. Anua Ekeya
  3. Ebighi Edu
  4. Ebighi Okobo
  5. Ekpene Ekim
  6. Esuk Inwang
  7. Idibi Enin
  8. Nda
  9. Nung Ukana
  10. Obot Inwang
  11. Ube
  12. Ufok Esuk

Atabong District

  1. Ikot Iquo
  2. Ikot Odiong
  3. Ikot Okokon
  4. Ikot Osukpong

Ukwong District

  1. Afaha Osu
  2. Ebighi Anwa Ikpi
  3. Ebighi Anwa Oro
  4. Etieke Udong Eto
  5. Eweme
  6. Eyo Nku
  7. Itak Uyati
  8. Mbukpo Oduobo
  9. Ndoung
  10. Osu Offi
  11. Oti Oron
  12. Otieke
  13. Ubak
  14. Utine Eyekung
  15. Utine Ndoung

Ebughu District

  1. Eyede
  2. Ikono
  3. Itak Ekim
  4. Nsie
  5. Uruting

Okiuso District

  1. Akai Nyo
  2. Isa Okiuso
  3. Itak Okiuso
  4. Udung Afiang
  5. Udung Amkpe
  6. Udung Ukpong
  7. Udung Ulo
  8. Udung Umo

Ibighi District

  1. Afaha Akai
  2. Atiabang
  3. Oyoku Assang
  4. Urue Ita

Uruan in the north-west, Oyono Estuary in the north-east, Oron, Akwa Ibom in the east, Urue-Offong/Oruko in the south-east, Nsit Atai in the west, Esit Eket in the south, and Nsit Ubium in the south-west border the local government area.

Okobo is one of Akwa Ibom’s five Oron LGs. The local government is made up of Four (4) clans out of the Nine (9) Oron Clans (Afaha), which are Afaha Okpo, Afaha Ukwong, Afaha Ibighi, Afaha Ebughu and Afaha Okiuso, with three being the Okobo people clan known as Odu, Eta and Atabong said to be formed by one of the Obolo people kinsmen / warrior

Peaceful Okobo are friendly. Their folks are safe. In ancient times, visitors who tried to infiltrate boundary villages with sophisticated charms or weapons to damage or incite riots were dispersed instantly owing to protective charms draped across every area of the community.

Okobo’s complicated constitution causes it to speak several languages. Odu and Eta speak Okobo. Atak Oro is Oro-speaking. Atabong speaks Efik.

Okobo’s tropical forest provides mahogany for boat, home, and canoe building. Clay, fine sand, and oil are abundant. This local government area practises fishing and farming.