kebbe Towns And Villages

Kebbe is a Local Government Area in the Nigerian state of Sokoto. Its headquarters is located in Kebbe. The LGA shares its eastern boundary with Zamfara State and its southern and western borders with Kebbi State.

It has an area of 2,618 km2 (1,011 sq mi) and, as of the 2006 census, a population of 124,658.

The area’s postal code is 850.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Kebbe Local Government, Sokoto State, Nigeria:

  1. Budun
  2. Dukura
  3. Fakku
  4. Garaci
  5. Girkau
  6. Gwandi
  7. Jabga
  8. Kebbe
  9. Kuchi
  10. Margai
  11. Matseri
  12. Nasa-Gudu
  13. San gi
  14. Ungushi
  15. Zugu