Jaba Towns And Villages

Jaba is a Local Government Area in the southern portion of Nigeria’s Kaduna State. It has a surface area of 531 km2. It is close to the Jos Plateau region and Abuja in central Nigeria, West Africa.

The seat of local government is located in the city of Kwoi. The area’s postal code is 801. The local government chairman oversees both economic and development efforts in the region.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Jaba Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria:

1 Kwoi

• Bitaro

• Dura

• Kwoi

• Kyan

• Sabchem

• Sabzuru

2 Nok/New Nok

• Chori

• Daddu

• Nok

• Sabon Gari

• U.Galadima

3 Ankung

• Select Town

• Ankung

• Duyyah

• Fai

• Sambam