Itu Towns And Villages

Itu is a Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, which is located in southeastern Nigeria. The Local Government Area comprises around 606,100 square kilometres of territory.

It is bordered by Odukpani in Cross River State and Arochukwu in Abia State to the north and northeast, Ibiono Ibom and Ikono Local Government Areas to the west, Uyo and Uruan Local Government Areas to the south and southeast, respectively.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Itu Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria:

Itu District

  1. Afia Isong
  2. Akpa Ekpene Oton
  3. Edem Inyang
  4. Esin Ufot
  5. Esuk Itu
  6. Ikot Ukpo Itu
  7. Obot Etim
  8. Obot Itu
  9. Odu Itu
  10. Okoho Itu

Oku District

  1. Ika Oku
  2. Ikot Abiyak
  3. Ikot Adakpan
  4. Ikot Antuen
  5. Ikot Eka Iko
  6. Ikot Esia
  7. Ikot Essien
  8. Ikot Ntu Oku
  9. Settlements

Mbiabo District

  1. Efik Ibuno
  2. Etehenten
  3. Eton Ani
  4. Ikot Efah
  5. Ikot Offiong
  6. Ikot Out
  7. Mbiabo Edere
  8. Mkpana Uruk
  9. Nya Anating
  10. Okono
  11. Ufok Offiong Ani

Ayadehe District

  1. Ikot Akpabio-Ayadehe
  2. Ikot Onoi
  3. Ikot Udo

East Itam District

  1. Adang Itam
  2. Afaha I
  3. Efi Itam
  4. Ekim Itam I
  5. Ekim Itam II
  6. Ekritam Akpan Obong
  7. Ema Itam
  8. Enen Atai Itam
  9. Ibiaku Ikot Obong
  10. Ikot Akpan Itam
  11. Ikot Andem Itam
  12. Ikot Annie
  13. Ikot Anse Itam
  14. Ikot Ayan
  15. Ikot Nya Itam
  16. Ikot Ukap
  17. Ikot Ukono
  18. Ikot Uso Akpan
  19. Mbak Atai Itam
  20. Mbak Obio Itam
  21. Mbiabong Afaha
  22. Mbiatok Itam
  23. Mkpeti Itam
  24. Nkim Itam
  25. Ntiat Itam
  26. Obong Itam
  27. Odiok Afaha Itam
  28. Okon Itam
  29. Uyo Itam

West Itam District

  1. Afaha Itam
  2. Afaha Ube
  3. Afaha Ude Oke
  4. Atai Ibiaku Itam
  5. Ekit-Itom Akpan Obong
  6. Ikot Abasi Itam
  7. Ikot Ayan Itam
  8. Ikot Ebom Itam
  9. Ikot Ekang
  10. Ikot Ekwere Itam
  11. Ikot Emien Itam
  12. Ikot Etpuk
  13. Ikot Mbonde Itam
  14. Ikot Obio Atai I
  15. Ikot Obio Enang
  16. Ikot Obong Edong
  17. Mbak Ikot Oku
  18. Mbak Obio
  19. Mbribit Itam
  20. Ntak Inyang
  21. Nung Ukot Itam
  22. Nwut Usiong

Itu LGA farms gmelina, raffia palm, oil palm, and plantain. Itu LGA has mineral stockpiles including raw petroleum, salt, limestone, and rock. Itu LGA’s many fish-rich streams also contribute to its economy.

Itu LGA residents also like trading and shopping.┬áItu local government council’s Secretariat is at Mbak Atai Itam near calabar-ltu highway, which links to cross-rivers state. LT.Col Yakubu Bako founded Itu L.G.A on 17 May 1994.