Ikot Ekpene Towns And Villages

Ikot Ekpene, popularly known as The Raffia City, is a historic town in the state of Akwa Ibom’s south-south region. ┬áIt is the political and cultural centre of the Nigerian Annang ethnic group (Nair, 1972).

The town is situated on the A342 highway, which runs parallel to the coast between Calabar in the south-east and Aba in the west, with the state capital, Uyo, immediately to the east. Umuahia is the northernmost significant city.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Ikot-Ekpene Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria:

Ikot Ekpene Urban District

  1. Abak Oko
  2. Abiakpo Edem Idim
  3. Abiakpo Ikot Essien
  4. Akanaan
  5. Ibiakpan
  6. Ibiakpan Ikot
  7. Ibiakpan Nto Akan
  8. Ibiakpo Edem Idim
  9. Ibong Nto Akan
  10. Ifuho
  11. Ikot Abia Idem
  12. Ikot Idem
  13. Ikot Inyang
  14. Ikot Obong Edong
  15. Ikot Out
  16. Ikot-Ekpene-Village
  17. Ikotobio Okpon
  18. Itak Ikot Udo-Okop
  19. Ndem Ekpot
  20. Nkap Ikot Obio Ebok
  21. Nsiak
  22. Obioekere
  23. Uruk Uso
  24. Utu Edem Usung
  25. Utu Ikot Ekrenyong
  26. Utu Ikot Essien
  27. Utu Ikpe

Amanyam District

  1. Abak Ifia
  2. Abiakpan Ikot Irem
  3. Abiakpo Ntak-Inyang
  4. Adaratak
  5. Ata Essien Mbiaso
  6. Ibong Ikot Akan
  7. Ikot Akpan-Abia
  8. Ikot Ediet
  9. Ikot Enwang
  10. Ikot Obong Otoro
  11. Ikot Osura
  12. Ikot Out
  13. Ikot Uboh
  14. Ikot Udo Osung
  15. Mbiaso Ikot Uso-udo
  16. Mbiaso Nto-Obio Ekong
  17. Nbo Obodom Ibiaso
  18. Nyara Enyin-Ntong Uno

Kannan Nair called it the cultural and political capital of the Annangs and Ibibios. Ibibios dwell east of town while Annangs inhabit south.

Ikot Ekpene is a regional centre of trade, exporting palm oil, kernels, raffia goods including fibres and wine, and ground crops including yams, cassava, taro, and corn.

Mainly Annang, with some Igbo traders and Hausa Suya sellers. Weaving, sculpting, and raffia cane furniture are among important exports (hence the colloquial name of the town).

Raffia City Hub has helped Ikot Ekpene innovate technologically.

Raffia city Hub facilitates cooperation, resource sharing, talent searching, and early-stage enterprises. Ikot Ekpene is home to several seminaries and the south south Catholic Diocese. The city has the GRA road small stadium, Nteps Supermarkets, and Four Point by Sheraton hotels.