Hadejia Towns And Villages

Haejiya (also Haeja, formerly Biram) is a Hausa town located in the eastern portion of Jigawa State in northern Nigeria. In 2006, the population was roughly 105,628. Hadejia is located between the latitudes 12.4506N and 10.0404E.

It shared its eastern boundary with Kiri Kasama Local Government, its northern boundary with Mallam Maori Local Government, and its western boundary with Auyo Local Government.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Hadejia Local Government, Jigawa State, Nigeria:


• Chadi

• Dalla

• Dubantu

• Fantali

• G R A

• Gagulmari

• Gandun Binda

• Garko

• Goma

• Kaffar Yamma

• Koffar Fada

• Majema

• Makwalla

• Matsaro

• Rumfa

• Yankoli

• Yelwa

The majority of the population works in agricultural farming, animal husbandry, trade, fishing, and services, including government service.   Haeja is predominantly Muslim, but others follow indigenous beliefs. The settlement is upstream from the Hadejia-Nguru marshes to the north. Hadejia is a fragile ecological zone.

Hadejia, formerly known as Biram, was controlled by the descendants of the Hausa mythical character Bayajidda and his second wife, Daurama.

In 1810, during the Fulani War, the Hausa kings of Hausa Bakwai were defeated.

In 1808, Haeja became an Emirate. Under the then-Emir, Haeja opposed British conquest in 1906. (Muhammadu Mai-Shahada). Haejiya was transferred from Kano to Jigawa in 1991.

Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic Hadejia, School of Nursing Hadejia, and National Teachers Institutes Hadejia Study Centre make up the Haeja.