Guyuk Towns And Villages

Guyuk is a city and Local Government Area in the Nigerian state of Adamawa. Guyuk contains numerous reserves of limestone. Guyuk is located on the route between Numan and Biu.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Guyuk Local Government, Adamawa State, Nigeria:


  •             Guyuk
  •             Jagira
  •             Lakumna
  •             Purakayo
  •             Udun Guyuk


  •             Chikila
  •             Dangir
  •             Gwalura
  •             Jiu
  •             Sili


  •             Falu
  •             Gundenyi
  •             Gwana
  •             Kurnyi
  •             Lamz
  •             Lapandi
  •             Walu


  •             Boshikiri
  •             Burthi
  •             Dumna Dutse
  •             Dumna Zerbu
  •             Salbu
  •             Zakawon


  •             Banjiram
  •             Gugu
  •             Gunda
  •             Kwadadai
  •             Lokoro
  •             Sukelye


  •             Arah/The
  •             Bobini
  •             Bodeno
  •             Doma
  •             Gorotoro
  •             Mada
  •             Wawi

Guyuk’s locals are Longuda. Kwandi Nguryaba is Longuda’s title. The Nunguraba (Lunguda) people of Adamawa and Gombe states are Middle Eastern. They left amid the scattering of global races. They headed west toward sunset. When they reached Wanda, a little flat place on Lunguda Plateau in Gombe State, they gave up. They moved to their current place to farm.

Before colonial occupation, the Lunguda had no central authority structure. Each clan led its own informal confederation. One language and tradition bound them. “Nunguraya” means “interwoven” One nation. Due to their unity, the communities had a defensive agreement. These defence pacts maintained the Lunguda unbeaten during intertribal fighting.

Lamza’s rain-making priest was also honoured. Guyuk, Kurnyi, Lunguda. 1904, the Lunguda fought the white man at Banjir. The white man’s fire-emitting weaponry nearly shattered the Lunguda’s battling spirit. The white man subjugated them. This council was the first nationally recognised rule by a Lunguda guy. Dukul, Guyuk, Banjiram, Kola, Gwanah, Lokoro, and Bobini comprised the council. Chairman was Mallam Grema Parku. He was the District’s native authority representative. 1948 saw the Lunguda people come together under a single authority.

In 1954, the colonial administration planned to give District Heads in Nu man native authority 3rd Class staffs of office to claim the chieftainship status of these districts. The Guyuk governing house overwhelmingly accepted a candidate after a referendum.

Mallam Yoila Jarangalu was elected in 1956 by the “Bilamaha” and “Nakatebehe” Kingmakers of all Lunguda villages.

Mallam Yoila of the Bonsibe was appointed as chief in 1957. First Lunguda chief to receive third-class personnel. The chiefdom has seven district heads and 60 villages now.