Boluwaduro Towns And Villages

Boluwaduro is a Local Government Area in Nigeria’s Osun State. Its headquarters are located at Otan Aiyegbaju (or Otan for short), which is located at 7°57′00′′N 4°48′00′′E. It was founded in October 1996 during the reign of the late General Abacha.

As of the 2006 census, it had a total area of 144 km2 and a population of 70,775.

The area’s postal code is 231.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Boluwaduro Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria:

Eripa District

  1.             Alafara
  2.             Eripa
  3.             Igbodu
  4.             Oke Oba

Iresi District

  1.             Agofulani
  2.             Gbonko
  3.             Iresi
  4.             Morakinyo
  5.             Obuke
  6.             Oke Opa
  7.             Osolo

Igbajo District

  1.             Gbeleru
  2.             Igbajo
  3.             Iloro
  4.             Obaala
  5.             Obanla
  6.             Okerun