Batagarawa Towns And Villages

Batagarawa is a Local Government Area within the Nigerian state of Katsina. Its headquarters are in the town of Batagarawa.
The town is inhabited by Hausa people and serves as the capital of the Mallamawa District in the Katsina Emirate of the North Western State. The LGA was founded in 1991.

As of the 2006 census, it had an area of 433 km2 and a population of 184,575.

The area’s postal code is 820.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Batagarawa Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria:

  • Ajiwa
  • Babibayawa
  • Bakiyawa
  • Barawa
  • Batagarawa
  • Dan Iyan
  • Dandagoro
  • Danna Baso
  • Jino
  • Kaukai
  • Kayauki
  • Kayoki
  • Tsanni
  • Yan-Rakumma
  • Yar Gamji


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