List of Towns, Cities and Villages in West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire is one of Scotland’s 32 local government council areas.

Its name comes from the Gaelic language Siorrachd Dhùn Breatann an Iar, which is pronounced [ˈʃirˠəxk ɣum ˈpɾʲɛht̥ən̥ˠ əɲ ˈiəɍ].

An area to the northwest of Glasgow City Council includes many of the towns and villages that people use to get to and from work in Glasgow.

Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, and Stirling are all close to West Dunbartonshire.

The council area was made up of the old Clydebank district and the eastern part of the old Dumbarton district.

Both of these districts used to be in the Strathclyde Region.


 • Total 87,790
 • Rank Ranked 26th
 • Density 1,400/sq mi (550/km2)

Here is a list of cities, towns, places, and villages in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland:

  1. Alexandria
  2. Balloch
  3. Bonhill
  4. Bowling
  5. Clydebank
  6. Dalmuir
  7. Drumry
  8. Dumbarton
  9. Duntocher
  10. Faifley
  11. Gartocharn
  12. Hardgate
  13. Jamestown
  14. Milton
  15. Old Kilpatrick
  16. Renton
  17. Whitecrook

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