List of Towns, Cities and Villages in Falkirk

The town of Falkirk, whose name comes from the Gaelic words for “central lowlands” and “Scots” “Fawkirk,” is in the central lowlands of Scotland.

It used to be in the county of Stirlingshire.

It is 23+1/2 miles (38 km) northwest of Edinburgh and 20+1/2 miles (33 km) northeast of Glasgow. It is in the Forth Valley.

At the time of the 2001 UK Census, 32,422 people lived in Falkirk. In 2008, it was thought that 34,570 people lived in the town, making it the 20th most populous settlement in Scotland.

Falkirk is the main town and administrative centre of the Falkirk council area, which is made up of the villages of Braes and the nearby towns of Grangemouth, Bo’ness, Denny, Camelon, Larbert, and Stenhousemuir and has a population of 156,800.

Here is a list of cities, towns, places, and villages in Falkirk, Scotland:

  1. Airth
  2. Bonnybridge
  3. Borrowstounness
  4. Carron
  5. Denny
  6. Dunipace
  7. Dunmore
  8. Falkirk
  9. Grahamston
  10. Grangemouth
  11. Larbert

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