Osisioma Ngwa Towns And Villages

Osisioma Ngwa is a Local Government Area in Nigeria’s Abia state. Its headquarters are located in the town of Osisioma.

It has an area of 198 km2 (76 sq mi) and a population of 219,632, according to Nigerian census statistics from 2006.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Osisioma Ngwa Local Government, Abia State, Nigeria:


  •             Amapu-Igbengwo
  •             Amapu-Ighengwo
  •             Egbede
  •             Egbede-Owo
  •             Egbelu-Owo
  •             Ibibi
  •             Obuzor
  •             Okpokoroala
  •             Okpokotoala
  •             Umu-Ocho
  •             Umuaduru
  •             Umuagbara
  •             Umueji
  •             Umueke
  •             Umueze 11
  •             Umueze II
  •             Umuigwe
  •             Umuikea
  •             Umuodu-Ehichie
  •             Umuokoroegbu


  •             Amauzu
  •             Mgboko-Umuete
  •             Umuaba
  •             Umuaga
  •             Umuara
  •             Umuobo
  •             Uratta/Amaekpu


  •             Ariaria
  •             Asamoka
  •             Mbutu-Isiahia
  •             Mbutu-Umuga
  •             Oberete
  •             Ogbu
  •             Umudi
  •             Umuejijie
  •             Umuidigha
  •             Umungbede
  •             Umuocheala
  •             Umuojima-Ogbu
  •             Umuojima-Okereke
  •             Umuozo


  •             Obiekwesu
  •             Okpuala-Aro
  •             Umuarakpa
  •             Umuejie
  •             Umugwua
  •             Umukaa
  •             Umukai
  •             Umuohia
  •             Umuonyenkwu
  •             Umuotuo


  •             Amapu
  •             Amuzu
  •             Ibeku
  •             Mbutunta
  •             Umuagwu
  •             Umuihima
  •             Umuihioma
  •             Umuiimo-Osisiasa
  •             Umuimo-Amaogwuawu
  •             Umuimo-Egbelu
  •             Umuobasi


  •             Akpa I
  •             Akpa II
  •             Akpa III
  •             Akpa iv
  •             Amaiyi
  •             Amankwu I
  •             Amankwu II
  •             Amaugha
  •             Okpalukwu
  •             Umuaja
  •             Umuenyikwu
  •             Umugala
  •             Umuncheagu
  •             Umunpata
  •             Umuobilaha II
  •             Umuobiloha I
  •             Umuohia
  •             Umuokerete


  •             Amapu
  •             Amauzu
  •             Okpuala
  •             Umumba
  •             Umuru


  •             Amauzu
  •             Mgboko-Umuete
  •             Umuaba
  •             Umuara
  •             Umuga
  •             Umuobo
  •             Uratta / Amaekpu

“Osisi” means tree, plant, or wood in Igbo. “Oma” means nice, fine, lovely. Osisioma meaning “good tree” The name is taken from the beautiful decorative flower tree Delonix regia, a member of the bean family Fabaceae and subfamily Caesalpinioideae.

Farmers, traders, artisans, and craftsmen are common Osisioma occupations. Older Osisioma Ngwa men wore “gd” gd is a white woven cloth knotted around the waist to hide nakedness. Women use the fabric to cover their bodies from the breast to the knees.

Men dress down in trousers and shirts with shoes, sandals or slippers to work, shop or office just like their female counterparts, but the traditional male attire preferred for occasions and big celebrations in Osisioma culture consists of a special top called ‘Isiag’, trousers of any colour, sandals or shoes, and a red cap to match.

Osisioma Ngwa is a level terrain without hills or mountains with a headwater at Okpu Umuobo that goes through a dense forest to Ogbor Hill on the Aba River.

It’s a tributary of Nigeria’s Imo River. Osisioma Ngwa is bordered by Ukwa West and Ugwunagbo in the south, Aba South and Aba North in the east, Isiala Ngwa South in the north, and Omuma LGA, Rivers State in the west.

Osisioma Ngwa is crossed by the Aba-Owerri Road from Aba Town Hall to Olaz Oil.

It has additional key roadways like as the NNPC depot road, which goes to Osisioma Ngwa local government headquarters, High and Magistrates Court, and Ekeakpara market down to Owerrinta, the boundary between Abia and Imo states.

Osisioma Ngwa residents mostly farm. They cultivate cassava, oil palm, rafia palm, vegetables, ube (local pear), plantain, okra, maize, melon, red pepper, yam, and cocoa yam. Some individuals raise goats, sheep, birds, and cattle, but not commercially.