Okrika Towns And Villages

Okrika is an island in Rivers State, Nigeria, and the capital of the same-named Local Government Area. The settlement is located south of Port Harcourt on an island, making it a suburb of the much larger metropolis.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Okrika Local Government, Rivers State, Nigeria:

  • Abam – Ama II
  • Abioboama
  • Agbkien- Ama
  • Andikiri
  • Asemeningolike
  • Dankiri
  • Dikiboama
  • Ekerekana
  • George -Ama
  • Ibaka
  • Ibuluy-Dikiboama
  • Ikirikoama
  • Ikpokiri – Ama II
  • Isaka
  • Iwokiri – Ama
  • Iyokiri
  • Kalio -Ama
  • Mbikiri
  • Ndubusiama
  • Ngbagbebokoama
  • Ngololo
  • Oba – Ama
  • Obiarime -Ama
  • Odokorobie
  • Ogan-Ama
  • Ogbogbo
  • Ogoloma
  • Okirika
  • Okochiri
  • Okujagu Ama
  • Okumgba -Ama
  • Omoaobi
  • Omodere -Ama
  • Opuada -Ama
  • Oraberekiri -Ama
  • Otobipi
  • Owuogonoama
  • Sara -Ama
  • Semembiri -Ama
  • Teriapu Kiriama

Okrika is 452m high. It’s on Okrika Island, 35 miles (56 km) upstream from Bight of Bonny. Ships with a draught of 29 feet (9 metres) or less can reach the town.

Okrika was a fishing settlement of the Ijo (Ijaw) people in the mangrove swamps of the eastern Niger River(Delta) in the early 17th century and traded slaves. After the prohibition of the slave trade in the 1830s, it became a port for exporting palm oil, but it was less important than Bonny (46 km south) or Opobo (32 miles [81 km] east-southeast).

Okrika was overtaken by Port Harcourt by 1912, and it wasn’t restored as a commercial town until 1965, when the neighbouring Port Harcourt refinery was finished and pipes were connected to Okrika Mainland. Alakiri gas plant provides the refinery and others.

Okrika exports refined petroleum products. The town trades in fish (which is declining owing to crude oil contamination), oil palm products, locally processed salt, cassava (manioc), taro, plantains, and yams.

The 2006 census found 222,026 people in Nigeria’s Wakirike LGA. 145,000 Okrikas live abroad, especially in the UK and US.

Kirike, Ogoloma, Ogu, Bolo, Ogbogbo, Ibaka, Ele, Isaka, and Abuloma composed the Okrika Kingdom before 1913. Most towns have satellite settlements. Today, Okrika has 10 towns. Koniju Town is added (Koni-ama). Before the British Colonial Government’s colonial expedition, Okrika villages were called Wakirikese.

Iria Festival: This 16th-century ritual of femininity is annually in Okrika, a town in Rivers State, Nigeria. Initiated into womanhood are breast-baring maidens. Virgins are presented and fattened for the event.

Okrikas speak Ijaw and Igbo.