Eleme Towns And Villages

Eleme is a local government area inside Nigeria’s Rivers State. It is part of the metropolitan area of Port Harcourt. It has an area of 138 km2 and a population of 190,884 as of the 2006 census. The Eleme people are the largest indigenous ethnic group in Eleme.

The most widely spoken language is Eleme, which belongs to the Ogonoid subgroup of the Cross-River branch of the vast Niger-Congo language family.

As of 2005, two of Nigeria’s four petroleum refineries are located in Eleme, as well as one of Nigeria’s busiest and West Africa’s largest seaports, located in Onne, a well-known town with several industries.

Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Eleme Local Government, Rivers State, Nigeria:

  1. Aabon
  2. Agbeta
  3. Agbnchia
  4. Agrete
  5. Akpajo
  6. Alejoh
  7. Alese
  8. Aleto
  9. Alode
  10. Ebubu
  11. Egalor
  12. Ejama
  13. Ekara
  14. Eteo
  15. Eyaa
  16. Kalenbon
  17. Nichia-Eleme
  18. Nonwakebara
  19. Norkpo
  20. Obolo
  21. Ogale
  22. Onne