Union County

List of all cities and towns in Union County

Union County is a county in the state of Tennessee in the United States.

As of the census in 2020, there were 19,802 people living there.

Maynardville is the county seat.

Union County is part of the statistical area around Knoxville.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that the county has a total area of 247 sq mi (640 km2), of which 224 sq mi (580 km2) are land and 24 sq mi (62 km2) (9.5%) are water.

Here is a list of cities, towns, places, and villages in Union County, Tennessee:

  1. Acuff
  2. Alder Springs
  3. Beulah
  4. Braden
  5. Chesney
  6. Chestnut Grove
  7. Condon
  8. Dykes
  9. Hinds Creek Valley
  10. Irwin
  11. Lickskillet
  12. Little Barren
  13. Luttrell
  14. Maynardville
  15. Mossy Spring
  16. Navehill
  17. New Loyston
  18. Oak Grove
  19. Paulette
  20. Pennington Chapel
  21. Pinhook
  22. Plainview city
  23. Pleasant Valley
  24. Raccoon Valley
  25. Ridenour
  26. Rose Hill
  27. Sharps Chapel
  28. Union
  29. Warwicktown
  30. Welch Crossroad
  31. White Hollow

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