List of Counties in Nevada

The state of Nevada has 17 counties in total. Churchill County is the oldest (created in 1861) while Carson City is the most recent (established in 1969).

With a population of 2,204,079 inhabitants, Clark County is the most populous. The county with the biggest land area is Nye County (47,001 km2), while Carson City has the smallest (373 km2).

Please see the table below for an alphabetical listing of all Nevada counties.

  1. Carson City County, NV
  2. Churchhill County, NV
  3. Clark County, NV
  4. Douglas County, NV
  5. Elko County, NV
  6. Esmeraida County, NV
  7. Eureka County, NV
  8. Humboldt County, NV
  9. Lander County, NV
  10. Lincoln County, NV
  11. Lyon County, NV
  12. Mineral County, NV
  13. Nye County, NV
  14. Pershing County, NV
  15. Storey County, NV
  16. Washoe County, NV
  17. White Pine County, NV

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