Charlotte County

List of all cities and towns in Charlotte County

Charlotte County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, located in the state’s south central region.

The town of Charlotte Court House serves as the county seat.

The county population was 11,529 as of the 2020 census.

With a population density of about 26.5 people per square mile, Charlotte County is primarily rural.

The county has a total area of 478 square miles (1,240 km2), of which 475 square miles (1,230 km2) is land and 2.2 square miles (5.7 km2) (0.5%) is water, according to the United States Census Bureau.

The Roanoke River, sometimes known as the “Staunton River” locally, borders the county to the southwest.

The terrain is mountainous.

Here is a list of cities, towns, places, and villages in Charlotte County, Virginia:

  1. Abilene
  2. Aspen
  3. Aspenwall
  4. Barnes Junction
  5. Chandlers Forks
  6. Charlotte Court House
  7. County Line Cross Roads
  8. Cullen
  9. Drakes Branch
  10. Eureka
  11. Fears Corner
  12. Formosa
  13. Harrisburg
  14. Henry
  15. Keysville
  16. Kings Crossroads
  17. Laconia
  18. Madisonville
  19. Mossingford
  20. Mulberry Hill
  21. Ontario
  22. Patrick Henry
  23. Phenix
  24. Public Fork
  25. Randolph
  26. Red Oak
  27. Rough Creek
  28. Saxe
  29. Taro
  30. Terryville
  31. Vincent Corner
  32. Womacks
  33. Wren
  34. Wylliesburg

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