Red Sea Governorate

The Red Sea Governorate is one of Egypt’s 27 governorates (States). It is located in the southeast of the country, between the Nile and the Red Sea, and has a southern border with Sudan. Hurghada serves as the country’s capital and largest city.


 (January 2023)
 • Total 400,069
 • Density 2.0/km2 (5.1/sq mi)

The governorate is divided into municipal divisions with a total estimated population as of January 2023 of 400,069. In the case of Red Sea governorate, some are fully urban, some are fully rural, and some are a combination of rural and urban.

Municipal Divisions
Anglicized name Native name Arabic transliteration Population
(January 2023 Est.)
Hurghada 1 قسم أول الغردقة Al-Ghurdaqah 1 83,888 Kism (fully urban)
Hurghada 2 قسم ثان الغردقة Al-Ghurdaqah 2 128,713 Kism (fully urban)
El Qusair قسم القصير Al-Quṣayr 53,230 Kism (urban and rural parts)
Shalateen قسم الشلاتين Ash-Shalātīn 13,761 Kism (urban and rural parts)
Halaib قسم حلايب Ḥalāyib 8,312 Kism (fully rural)
Marsa Alam قسم مرسى علم Marsā ‘Alam 9,147 Kism (urban and rural parts)
Ras Gharib قسم رأس غارب Ras Ghārib 46,297 Kism (urban and rural parts)
Safaga قسم سفاجا Safājā 56,721 Kism (urban and rural parts)

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