New Valley Governorate

The New Valley Governorate, also known as El Wadi El Gedid Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الوادي الجديد [moˈħɑfzet elˈwaeːdi lɡɪˈdiːd], Muḥāfaẓah al Wādī al Jadīd) is an Egyptian governorate.

It is located in the country’s southwestern region, in Egypt’s Western Desert (part of the Sahara Desert), between the Nile and northern Sudan, and in southeastern Libya.


 (January 2023)
 • Total 265,003
 • Density 0.60/km2 (1.6/sq mi)

The governorate is divided into municipal divisions with a total estimated population as of January 2023 of 265,003.

In the case of New Valley governorate, there is one kism with urban and rural parts, and four marakiz.

Municipal Divisions
Anglicized name Native name Arabic transliteration Population
(January 2023 Est.)
Kharga قسم الواحات الخارجة Al-Wāḥāt al-Khārijah 104,683 Kism (urban and rural parts)
Balat مركز بلاط Balāṭ 13,025 Markaz
Dakhla مركز الداخلة Al-Dākhlah 95,019 Markaz
Farafra مركز الفرافرة Al-Farāfirah 37,509 Markaz
Baris مركز باريس Bārīs 14,767 Markaz

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