Merafong City Local Municipality, located in South Africa’s Gauteng province, is a diversified and active area with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and economic activity.

Merafong City, being one of the local municipalities under the West Rand District Municipality, is critical to the region’s development and expansion.

The Merafong River, which flows through the area and adds to the beautiful beauty of the landscape, inspired the municipality’s name.

Merafong City, which includes municipalities such as Carletonville, Fochville, Khutsong, and Wedela, has a diversified population with a combination of urban and rural traits.

Carletonville, a main town within the municipality, is well-known for its extensive gold mining operations.

The town has a long history anchored in the mining industry, which has shaped the local economy and community.

Carletonville’s gold mines have contributed significantly to national and global gold production, making the town an important player in the country’s mining sector.

Fochville, another significant Merafong City town, is known for its agricultural and industrial activity.

The town’s agricultural economy is robust, with a focus on crop production and livestock farming. Fochville also has a thriving industrial environment, which contributes to the municipality’s economic diversification.

Khutsong and Wedela, despite their lesser size, are important components of Merafong City, each having its own distinct personality and contributions to the local society.


 • Total 197,520
 • Density 120/km2 (310/sq mi)

These towns are home to a variety of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces that collectively create Merafong City’s fabric.

The municipality prioritizes community development and social welfare. Initiatives to improve education, healthcare, and infrastructure are ongoing, with the goal of increasing people’ overall quality of life.

The local administration is actively involved in resolving community needs and maintaining an environment conducive to long-term development.

Merafong City is also well-known for its environmental stewardship. The municipality’s policies and activities reflect efforts to preserve natural resources, develop renewable energy, and manage trash.

This pledge is consistent with broader global initiatives to address environmental concerns and create a more resilient and sustainable future.

Merafong City promotes its cultural richness through a variety of events, festivals, and cultural activities.

These events allow residents to connect, share traditions, and build a sense of community pride.

The municipality recognizes the significance of cultural heritage in forming its people’s identities and actively promotes projects to conserve and celebrate local traditions.

The 2001 census divided the municipality into the following main places:

Place Code Area (km2) Population Most spoken language
Blybank 78801 6.90 471 Zulu
Blyvooruitzicht 78802 6.31 6,461 Xhosa
Carletonville 78803 12.67 18,364 Afrikaans
Deelkraal 78804 9.41 3,356 Afrikaans
Doornfontein 78805 1.51 2,575 Xhosa
East Driefontein Mine 78806 2.03 11,481 Xhosa
Elandsfontein 68801 0.43 5,256 Sotho
Elandsrand 68802 0.19 1,786 Sotho
Elandsridge 78807 2.78 2,881 Afrikaans
Fochville 68803 9.53 11,344 Afrikaans
Khutsong 78808 8.60 69,858 Tswana
Kokosi 68804 4.90 23,062 Tswana
Leeupoort 68805 0.30 1,176 Sotho
Letsatsing 78809 0.76 1,511 Xhosa
Oberholzer 78811 3.09 5,368 Afrikaans
Phomolong 78812 0.25 947 Xhosa
Wedela 68807 2.18 14,159 Xhosa
Welverdiend 78813 4.06 2,226 Afrikaans
Westdriefontein 78814 38.29 4,792 Sotho
Western Deep Levels Mine 78815 44.72 11,274 Sotho
Remainder of the municipality 78810 + 68806 1,471.53 12,144

Finally, Merafong City Local Municipality is a dynamic and ever-changing organization within the Gauteng province.

The municipality symbolizes the resilience and adaptability of its people, from its mining roots to its agricultural and industrial endeavors.

Merafong City is positioned to continue playing an important role in the region’s growth and prosperity by focusing on community development, environmental care, and cultural celebration.

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