Imo State


Obowo Towns And Villages Obowo, usually written Obowu, is a Local Government Area in Imo State, Nigeria. It was created from Etiti LGA and is headquartered at Isi Nweke. Below is the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Obowo Local Government, Imo State, Nigeria: 1 kena-Logha • Ehume Umunachi 2 Avutu • Amaeke • …

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Nwangele Towns And Villages In the Nigerian state of Imo, you’ll find Nwangele as a Local Government Area. The name originates from the well-known Nwangele river, which serves as the dividing line between Amaigbo and Umuozu Isu. It is thought that the town of Isiekenesi is where the river began its journey, and it travels …

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Nkwerre Towns And Villages Nkwerre is an LGA in Imo State, Nigeria’s South-East. The local government area gets its name from Nkwerre town. It has 80,270 residents in 2006 and 38.447 km2. Its heavy vegetation is designed to prevent soil erosion, however, it’s erodible. The postal code of the local government area is 471. Below …

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Njaba Towns And Villages Njaba is a Nigerian LGA. Nnenasa is its headquarters. It’s 84 km2 and has 143,485 residents in 2006. 2011 projection: 2,004.5/km2. Area code 474. Njaba is the river’s initials. Njaba river originates at Isu Njaba town. Flows into Oguta Lake. 1980.05.27 Alhaji Shehu Shagari founded NJALGA as part of Isu LGA. …

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Ngor Okpala

Ngor Okpala Towns And Villages Ngor Okpala is a Local Government Area in the Nigerian state of Imo. The organization’s headquarters are located in Umuneke Ngor. It has an area of 561 km2 and, as of the 2006 census, a population of 159,932. It is a prominent site in the state of Imo due to …

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Isu Towns And Villages Isu is a local government area in Nigeria’s Imo State. Its headquarters is located in Umundugba. Amandugba, Ekwe, Uburu Ekwe, Isunjaba, Amurie Omanze, Ebenator Ekwe, and Oboro Amurie are further villages. The name is derived from the Isu, a subgroup of the Igbo. Below is the complete list Of Towns And …

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