The cadastral divisions of Australia are made up of 37 counties, and the County of Wonnangatta is one of them.

These counties are used to record land titles.

The western parts of Alpine National Park are in it. In the east of the county is the Wonnangatta River.

The lake Eildon is in the northwest corner.

On the northern edge is Mount Buller.

Here is a list of Parishes in Wonnangatta, Victoria:

  1. Billabong, Victoria
  2. Bolaira, Victoria
  3. Boorolite, Victoria
  4. Buckenderra, Victoria
  5. Budgee Budgee, Victoria
  6. Buragwonduc, Victoria
  7. Changue, Victoria
  8. Cobbannah, Victoria
  9. Crookayan, Victoria
  10. Darlingford, Victoria
  11. Doledrook, Victoria
  12. Enoch’s Point, Victoria
  13. Goulburn, Victoria
  14. Howqua, Victoria
  15. Howqua West, Victoria
  16. Jamieson, Victoria
  17. Kevington, Victoria
  18. Knockwood, Victoria
  19. Kybeyan, Victoria
  20. Lauraville, Victoria
  21. Licola, Victoria
  22. Lodge Park, Victoria
  23. Matlock, Victoria
  24. Miowera, Victoria
  25. Moroka, Victoria
  26. Narbourac, Victoria
  27. St.Clair, Victoria
  28. Tamboritha, Victoria
  29. Taponga, Victoria
  30. Tarldarn, Victoria
  31. Torbreck, Victoria
  32. Warrambat, Victoria
  33. Wonnangatta, Victoria
  34. Youarrabuk, Victoria