The cadastral divisions of Australia are made up of 37 counties, and the County of Polwarth is one of them.

These counties are used to record land titles.

The county is in Victoria’s Western District and includes the Cape Otway area.

The Gellibrand River runs through the county in the west, and the Anglesea River and Barwon River run through it in the east.

In the north, a line from Winchelsea runs through Colac to Larpent, and in the south, Bass Strait cuts the county in half. Colac is the biggest town.

It was named a county in 1849.

Here is a list of Parishes in Polwarth, Victoria:

  1. Aire
  2. Angahook
  3. Bambra
  4. Barongarook
  5. Barramunga
  6. Barwon Downs
  7. Barwongemoong
  8. Birregurra (part in the County of Grenville)
  9. Boonah
  10. Colac
  11. Elliminyt
  12. Gerangamete
  13. Irrewarra
  14. Irrewillipe
  15. Kaanglang
  16. Krambruk
  17. La Trobe (part in the County of Heytesbury)
  18. Lorne
  19. Moomowroong
  20. Moorbanool
  21. Murroon
  22. Nalangil
  23. Natte Murrang
  24. Newlingrook
  25. Olangolah
  26. Otway
  27. Pirron Yaloak
  28. Wangerrip
  29. Warrion (part in the County of Grenville)
  30. Weeaproinah
  31. Wensleydale
  32. Whoorel
  33. Wongarra
  34. Wyelangta
  35. Yan Yan Gourt
  36. Yaugher
  37. Yeo