The 37 counties in Victoria make up the cadastral divisions of Australia, which are used to keep track of land titles.

One of these is the County of Millewa.

To the west, the border of South Australia is right there. It is south of the Murray River and in the northwest corner of Victoria.

This border was supposed to be at the 141st meridian of longitude, but it is now a few miles to the west of that meridian because of the border dispute between South Australia and Victoria.

There are 35°S in the south and 142°E in the east of the county. The area is also known by that name.

Here is a list of Parishes in Millewa, Victoria:

  1. Mildura
  2. Mullroo
  3. Toupnein
  4. Warina
  5. Woolwoola
  6. Yelta