The cadastral divisions of Australia are made up of 37 counties, and the County of Gunbower is one of them.

These counties are used to record land titles.

South of the Murray River, from Swan Hill to Echuca, is where it is held.

It was made official in 1871, along with other counties from the Loddon Land District. Our native language is used for the name.

Here is a list of Parishes in Gunbower, Victoria:

  1. Cohuna, Victoria
  2. Gannawarra, Victoria
  3. Gunbower, Victoria
  4. Gunbower West, Victoria
  5. Kerang, Victoria
  6. Loddon, Victoria
  7. Macorna, Victoria
  8. Millewa, Victoria
  9. Mincha, Victoria
  10. Mincha West, Victoria
  11. Mologa, Victoria
  12. Murrabit, Victoria
  13. Murrabit West, Victoria
  14. Patho, Victoria
  15. Terrick Terrick East, Victoria
  16. Terrick Terrick West, Victoria
  17. Tragowel, Victoria
  18. Torrumbarry, Victoria
  19. Torrumbarry North, Victoria
  20. Wharparilla, Victoria
  21. Yarrowalla, Victoria