The County of Way is one of South Australia’s 49 counties, located on the state’s west coast.

Governor William Robinson proclaimed it in 1889 and named it after Samuel Way, the Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court at the time.

Way County, located in the heart of Southern Australia, is a tribute to the various landscapes and rich cultural heritage that define this unique region.

With its vast plains, rolling hills, and coastline splendour, this large county provides inhabitants and visitors with an opportunity to interact with nature and discover the historical tapestry woven into the fabric of the land.

Way County covers a large geographical area, with a combination of arid plains and rich valleys.

The environment is distinguished by a beautiful blend of natural treasures, including the famed Southern Ocean coastline.

The coastal sections offer stunning vistas, with craggy cliffs and clean beaches providing a haven for nature lovers and adventurers.

Way County’s rich flora and wildlife is one of its most noticeable attractions. A variety of plant and animal species have adapted to the region’s varied habitats.

The county’s vast wilderness regions and national parks provide a habitat for local animals, making it a haven for birdwatchers, botanists, and wildlife photographers.

Way County has a rich cultural heritage that provides depth to its character, in addition to its natural beauty.

This country has long been home to indigenous populations, and their cultural influence may be seen in the customs, art, and stories passed down through centuries.

Exploring the local museums and cultural centres allows tourists to immerse themselves in the area’s unique history and traditions.

The agricultural industry is vital to the Way County economy, with rich valleys supporting a wide range of crops and livestock.

The county’s agricultural practises not only provide food but also contribute to the region’s distinct character. Local farmers’ markets and agricultural festivals are vibrant manifestations of community spirit.

Way County is not only a paradise for environment and history buffs, but it also provides a variety of recreational opportunities. Hiking, camping, and water sports can all be enjoyed along the gorgeous shoreline.

Meanwhile, those looking for a slower pace can visit picturesque towns and villages, each with its own unique charm and character.

Way County inhabitants are noted for their friendliness and sense of community. The sense of belonging and pride in their community is obvious, producing a friendly environment for both newcomers and long-term residents.

Throughout the year, festivals and events bring people together, generating a sense of solidarity and shared joy.

As the sun sets over Way County, painting the sky in orange and pink hues, one can’t help but enjoy the unique blend of natural grandeur and cultural depth that marks this southern Australian treasure.

Way County offers a riveting experience that lingers in the hearts and memories of those fortunate enough to discover its many landscapes, whether you are drawn to the rocky coastline, cultural legacy, or welcoming community spirit.

Here is a list of Hundreds in Way, South Australia:

  1. Hundred of Horn
  2. Hundred of Catt
  3. Hundred of Bartlett
  4. Hundred of Moule
  5. Hundred of O’Loughlin
  6. Hundred of Bonython
  7. Hundred of Goode
  8. Hundred of Wandana
  9. Hundred of Blacker
  10. Hundred of Chillundie
  11. Hundred of Guthrie
  12. Hundred of Pethick
  13. Hundred of Wallanippie