The County of Alfred is one of South Australia’s 49 cadastral counties located on the Murray River’s south bank.

It was established in 1868 by Governor James Fergusson and named after Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s second son, who visited the province in 1867.

Alfred, located in Southern Australia, is a monument to the region’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Alfred, nestled among the scenic surroundings of this southern state, has evolved into a community that flawlessly integrates history and modernity.

The town’s history stretches back to the mid-nineteenth century, during the Australian gold rush.

Alfred was founded as a mining village, and its rise was fuelled by the finding of gold in the surrounding surroundings. The lure of riches drew a broad mix of settlers, transforming the town into a cultural melting pot.

Alfred has evolved from its gold-centric foundation to a more diverse economy over time.

Agriculture is important in the town’s contemporary economic landscape, with good soils supporting crop farming.

The agriculture sector not only provides food for the local populace but also contributes to the overall economy of Southern Australia.

The architectural landscape of the town reflects its historical journey. While some structures reflect the town’s colonial heritage, others serve as emblems of its resilience and adaptation.

Alfred’s streets are covered with a unique visual tapestry that represents the essence of its growth, with a combination of heritage buildings and modern services.

Alfred has a strong sense of community, with citizens actively engaged in a variety of cultural and recreational events.

Local events and festivals bring people together, establishing a sense of community and togetherness.

The town’s dedication to preserving its past is evident in efforts to preserve historical places and landmarks, ensuring that future generations can connect with their community’s roots.

Alfred places a high value on education, with schools catering to the different requirements of the community.

The success stories of the town’s students, many of whom have gone on to make significant contributions in numerous sectors, highlight the town’s commitment to delivering great education.

Alfred’s identity is heavily influenced by nature. Residents and visitors alike can experience the natural beauty that abounds in the region, which is surrounded by beautiful surroundings.

Parks, reserves, and scenic paths provide a respite from the stresses of daily life, allowing people to reconnect with nature and appreciate the biodiversity that Southern Australia has to offer.

Alfred’s narrative spans a century and is one of resilience, flexibility, and community strength. Alfred is a tribute to the enduring spirit of the people who call it home, from its humble beginnings as a gold mining village to its current status as a prosperous town.

As the town commemorates its history and looks forward, there is a sense of accomplishment and a determination to preserving the distinct character that characterizes Alfred in Southern Australia.

Here is a list of Hundreds in Alfred, South Australia:

  1. Hundred of Murtho
  2. Hundred of Paringa
  3. Hundred of Gordon
  4. Hundred of Bookpurnong
  5. Hundred of Pyap
  6. Hundred of Allen
  7. Hundred of Kekwick
  8. Hundred of McGorrery