Burrandilla County is a Queensland cadastral division located in the Warrego Land District of south-western Queensland.

The county is divided into civil parishes and is a non-functional administrative unit used primarily for land title registration.

Burrandilla County was formally established on March 8, 1901, when the Governor of Queensland issued a proclamation under the Land Act 1897 legally dividing Queensland into counties. The county was carved out of Palmer County at the time.

The county was the traditional lands of the Wadjalang people prior to colonisation.

The Wadjalang are an Aboriginal Australian people who have lived for thousands of years in the Warrego region.

They are a semi-nomadic people with strong ties to the land and its resources.

Burrandilla County is mostly rural, with a population of about 2,000 people. Agriculture, mining, and tourism are the county’s main industries.

The Warrego River, the Charleville Bilby Experience, and the Quilpie Shire Heritage Museum are among the county’s natural attractions.

The Warrego River is Queensland’s longest river and a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and camping.

The Charleville Bilby Experience is a wildlife sanctuary that houses a variety of endangered Australian species, including the bilby.

The Quilpie Shire Heritage Museum is a museum containing artefacts from the region’s history.

There are several historical sites in Burrandilla County, including the Charleville War Memorial and the Quilpie Shire War Memorial.

The Charleville War Memorial honours Charleville’s men and women who served in the Australian military.

The Quilpie Shire War Memorial honours the Quilpie Shire men and women who served in the Australian military.

Burrandilla County is a lovely and diverse area with plenty to offer visitors.

Burrandilla County has something for everyone, whether you are interested in history, nature, or simply getting away from it all.

Here are some things to do in Burrandilla County:

  • Learn about and see bilbies and other Australian animals up close at the Charleville Bilby Experience.
  • Explore the Warrego River by fishing, swimming, or camping.
  • Learn about the region’s history at the Quilpie Shire Heritage Museum.
  • Visit the Charleville War Memorial or the Quilpie Shire War Memorial to pay your respects.
  • Burrandilla National Park is a great place to see some of the region’s unique wildlife and scenery.
  • Drive the Charleville-Quilpie Road to see some of the region’s outback scenery.
  • Learn about the region’s agricultural industry by visiting one of the many sheep or cattle stations in the area.
  • Burrandilla County is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.
  • Burrandilla County has something for everyone with its friendly people, beautiful scenery, and diverse attractions.