The Shire of Burdekin is a local government area in the Dry Tropics region of North Queensland, Australia.

The district is located in the Burdekin River delta between Townsville and Bowen.

It has been a local government entity since 1888 and has a land area of 5,044 square kilometres.

The Burdekin Shire is a thriving agricultural region that produces a diverse range of crops such as sugarcane, bananas, mangoes, avocados, and grains.

In addition, the region is a major producer of beef and dairy cattle.

The Burdekin River is Queensland’s largest river, and its fertile delta is home to some of Australia’s most productive agricultural land.

The river also provides valuable recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors.

The Burdekin Shire is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty, friendly people, and relaxed way of life. Among the most popular tourist attractions in the region are:

  • Burdekin Falls Dam: A popular spot for boating, fishing, and swimming.
  • Ayr: The largest town in the Burdekin Shire, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Home Hill: A historic town known for its sugarcane industry.
  • Giru: A small town with a friendly atmosphere and a variety of outdoor activities on offer.
  • Horseshoe Lagoon: A beautiful lagoon surrounded by rainforest.

A number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can also be found in the Burdekin Shire. These communities are rich in culture and heritage, and they play an important role in the life of the region.

The Burdekin Shire is an excellent location for living, working, and raising a family. It has a thriving agricultural industry, a stunning natural environment, and a welcoming community.