Bowen County is a cadastral division in Queensland, Australia, located west of Bundaberg in the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

It was named after Sir George Ferguson Bowen, Queensland’s first Governor.

The county is bounded on the east by Cook County, on the south by Mackenzie County, on the west by Yarrol, Flinders, and Cook County, and on the north by the northern boundaries of the parishes of Toweran, Kolonga, and Manduran.

Bowen County is primarily rural, with agriculture and mining as the primary industries.

Beef, dairy, and grain are the most important agricultural products. Coal, limestone, and sand are the most important mineral products.

There are also several national parks and forests in the county, including Cania Gorge National Park, Kroombit Tops National Park, and Mount Walsh National Park.

Here is a list of Parishes in Bowen, Queensland:

  1. Binjour
  2. Boolbunda
  3. Chin Chin
  4. Gin Gin
  5. Grosvenor
  6. Joanborough
  7. Jonday
  8. Kolonga
  9. Mingo
  10. Monduran
  11. Moolboolaman
  12. Mount Perry
  13. St Agnes
  14. Tarrara
  15. Taughboyne
  16. Toweran
  17. Walla
  18. Wateranga
  19. Wetheron
  20. Wolca
  21. Wonbah
  22. Yenda