Boondooma County is a cadastral division in the Queensland region of Wide Bay-Burnett.

The Governor in Council named and bound it on March 7, 1901, in accordance with the Land Act of 1897.

The county is about 100 kilometres west of Maryborough on the coast and 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, the state capital.

Boondooma County is primarily rural, with agriculture and mining as the primary industries. There are several large cattle and sheep stations in the county, as well as several coal mines.

The Boondooma Dam on the Burnett River is a significant source of water for irrigation and recreation.

There are also a number of small towns and villages in the county, such as Boondooma, Proston, and Wondai.

These towns not only provide vital services to the surrounding rural communities, but they are also popular tourist destinations.

Here is a list of Parishes in Boondooma, New South Wales:

  1. Ballogie
  2. Boondooma
  3. Burrandowan
  4. Chahpingah
  5. Cushnie
  6. Dangore
  7. Durong
  8. Jua
  9. Lawson
  10. Mannuem
  11. Okeden
  12. Peroone
  13. Proston
  14. Waringa
  15. Weir Weir