Amaroo County is a vast and remote outback region in Australia’s Central Western Queensland.

It spans over 9,000 square kilometres and is divided between the Shires of Boulia and Diamantina.

The region is largely uninhabited, with only 22 people recorded in the 2016 census.

Amaroo County is known for its rugged terrain, which includes flat plains, braided rivers, and the occasional mesa and hill. Kangaroos, emus, dingoes, and birds live in the area, as do a variety of other animals.

The Burke River Crossing is one of Amaroo County’s most popular attractions.

This crossing is located on the Burke Developmental Road and is a popular tourist destination for taking photos and experiencing the outback.

The Burke River is a braided river, meaning it flows through a network of channels. During wet weather, the river can rise quickly and flood the road, making the crossing dangerous.

The Channel Country is another popular attraction in Amaroo County.

The Channel Country is a vast area of arid and semi-arid land that extends across Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia.

The area is famous for its braided rivers that flow through a network of channels and floodplains. Kangaroos, emus, and birds are among the wildlife that can be found in the Channel Country.

Amaroo County is a remote and rugged area, but it is also beautiful and one-of-a-kind. The Burke River Crossing and the Channel Country are two of the region’s many attractions.

Amaroo County is an excellent location for experiencing the outback and learning about Australia’s natural heritage.

Here are some tips for visiting Amaroo County:

  • The months of April through October, when temperatures are typically lower, are ideal for a trip to Amaroo County. Extreme heat is possible in the summer, and flooding can occur during the wetter months.
  • Amaroo County is out in the middle of nowhere, so make sure you have everything you need before you go there. Food, water and petrol for your car should all be in ample supply. It’s smart to tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone.
  • Amaroo County is home to a handful of quaint communities like Boulia and Diamantina. These communities provide essentials like food, lodging, and transportation.
  • In Amaroo County, you’ll find a fair share of gravel roads. Be especially cautious if you find yourself driving on these roads when it’s wet outside.
  • Be aware of the wildlife in Amaroo County. Dingoes, kangaroos, and emus can all be found in this area. Maintain situational awareness and safeguard yourself and your belongings at all times.

Amaroo County is a one-of-a-kind and special place. It is an excellent location for experiencing the outback and learning about Australia’s natural heritage.