Aberdeen County is a historical and scenic region in Queensland’s Leichhardt District.

It is located west of the Great Dividing Range and is bounded by Herbert, Lyndhurst, and Burke counties.

George Hamilton Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, Secretary of State for War and the Colonies from 1841 to 1846, is honoured with the county’s name.

Aberdeen County, with a population of just over 1,000 people, is a sparsely populated region. Agriculture, mining, and tourism are the county’s main industries. A number of Aboriginal communities can also be found in the county.


Europeans first explored Aberdeen County in the 1840s. The county’s first white settlers arrived in the 1850s and established sheep and cattle stations. In 1860, the county was officially gazetted.

Aberdeen County was a major gold mining centre in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. However, as the mining industry declined in the early twentieth century, so did the county’s population.


Aberdeen County is a large and diverse county with many different landscapes. The Great Dividing Range dominates the eastern part of the county. The western part of the county is more open and contains several rivers, including the Burdekin and Leichhardt rivers.

There are also several national parks and conservation areas in the county, including Bladensburg National Park, Leichhardt National Park, and Mount Isa Range National Park.

Things to do

There are a number of things to do in Aberdeen County, including:

  • Visiting the historical sites: Croydon, an abandoned gold mining town, and the Leichhardt Memorial Monument are two historical sites in the county.
  • Exploring the natural beauty: Natural attractions in the county include the Bladensburg National Park, the Leichhardt National Park, and the Mount Isa Range National Park.
  • Meeting the Aboriginal people: A number of Aboriginal communities can be found in the county.By visiting one of these communities, visitors can learn about Aboriginal culture and history.

Getting to Aberdeen County

Mount Isa Airport is the closest major airport to Aberdeen County. Mount Isa is about 100 kilometres from the county line. Croydon Airport and Cloncurry Airport are two of the county’s smaller airports.

Visitors can also drive to Aberdeen County. The Burke Developmental Road is the main road into the county.


Aberdeen County is a historical and scenic region in the Australian state of Queensland. It is an excellent destination for those interested in history, nature, and Aboriginal culture.