Cowley County is one of New South Wales’ 141 Cadastral divisions.

It includes the town of Cavan.

The Murrumbidgee River ran through it on the north, east, and part of the south, and the Goodradigbee River ran through it on the west.

In 1909, a large portion of the county was transferred to the Commonwealth to form the Australian Capital Territory, with the remaining portion encompassing the area to the north-west of the ACT as far north as the Burrinjuck Dam, as well as thin strips of land along the ACT’s western, southern, and south-eastern borders.

Cowley County was named after Henry Richard Charles Wellesley, 1st Earl Cowley (1804-1884).

Here is a list of Parishes in Cowley, New South Wales:

  1. Bimberi
  2. Boboyan (former)
  3. Booroomba (former)
  4. Brayshaw (former)
  5. Brindibella
  6. Bumbalong
  7. Cavan
  8. Cochran
  9. Congwarra (former)
  10. Cooleman
  11. Coree
  12. Cotter (former)
  13. Cuppacumbalong
  14. East Goodradigbee
  15. Fergus (former)
  16. Gibraltar (former)
  17. Greenfield (former)
  18. Gudgenby (former)
  19. Gurrangora
  20. Long Plain
  21. Micalong
  22. Milligan (former)
  23. Mullion
  24. Murray
  25. Naas (former)
  26. Narrangullen
  27. Nattung
  28. Orroral (former)
  29. Pabral
  30. Punyibah (former)
  31. Taemas
  32. Tharwa (former)
  33. Tidbinbilla (former)
  34. Umburra
  35. Urayarra
  36. Venterman
  37. Yaouk
  38. Yarara